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for endless hot water applications.




“Leading the industry around the world”

Why Rinnai hot water heaters ?

Rinnai produces over 12 million gas appliances every year, which are distributed to all parts of the world, and are all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified (International standard for environmental management systems).

Backed with extensive warranties and fully qualified after sales teams, Rinnai is proud to be the No.1 choice for Continuous Flow Hot Water. Rinnai hot water systems fulfil your requirements for new or existing projects, providing the optimum solution by using individual or multiple appliances manifolded together.

Rinnai employ innovative manufacturing and testing techniques to deliver unparalleled levels of safety, comfort and efficiency.

With the Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water System, you will never run out of hot water.

We design smarter home heating products that deliver superior comfort, convenience and reliability. Our solutions can truly enhance the way your family lives -- from the efficient comfort of our Condensing Boilers to the small-space warmth of our Vent-Free Fan Convectors and Energy Saver Direct Vent Wall Furnaces.


Hot water whenever your family needs it shouldn’t be a luxury. With our tankless water heaters, never worry about running out again. Two showers running at once? Just started a load of laundry? No problem!

Thanks to our innovative technology, your family’s comfort and convenience come first. Our products provide an endless supply of hot water wherever and whenever you need it. We supply 20 and 26 liter units.

Tankless Freestanding Rack System®

Now you can harness all the benefits of tankless water heating technology, pre assembled and ready to replace the boiler in you existing or new premises.

The TRS is installed in place of an old-style boiler and provides built-in redundancy by racking individual units to ensure hot water supply keeps flowing even if a unit is down.

It’s time to give your buildings a more efficient and reliable source of hot water. Rinnai®  Commercial Water Heating Systems supply commercial buildings with an endless supply of hot water while you save thousands in operational and life cycle costs.

Designed with durable components like high-performance heat exchangers, Rinnai  Water Heaters deliver performance and dependability for even the most demanding applications. We supply 26 and 32 liter units.

The Rinnai Premium Gas Rice Cooker is ideal for those who prefer gas over electric. The Rinnai Gas Rice Cooker comes in either Natural Gas or LP Gas models. It has a maximum capacity of 55 cups (10L) and is perfect for small - medium sized shops.

Rinnai Dry Soft 6 is the 6kg load capacity gas dryer. Available for use with natural gas or LPG (cylinders) ensures guaranteed savings compared to electric dryers, without burdening your electricity bill and allowing the simultaneous use of other appliances.

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